Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Future is happening at Fusion Youth Centre in Ingersoll...

A youth centre exists in Ingersoll that would make any teen want to hang out there. A concept that keeps kids off the street, allows them to freely use their artistic talents in a way that doesn’t end up on community trains, mailboxes and buildings and allows them to use their skills and talents in a way that empowers them to become an entrepreneur.

“Whether they are engaging in activities, such as sports, recreation, cooking, and the arts, or employing leading edge technology to develop skills in animation, graphic design, music and media production, aspiring entrepreneurs between the ages of 12 and 29 can develop the skills they need to define their future at Fusion” (Fusion website).

The building is filled with social enterprises like a catering service, rental space, recycling program, youth membership services, radio broadcasting, and a musical recording studio. Partnerships include the OPP, VON, Addiction Services, Local Rogers television show, Greentech and much more.
If anyone is looking at starting social enterprise programs that include or serve youth in any way, contact the staff at Fusion Youth Centre in Ingersoll, they are clearly the experts.

If you are a nonprofit leader, social entrepreneur or local business and are interested in more information about social enterprise please contact me