Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Pepsi Community Innovation Hub at SYN London

Help create the Pepsi Innovation Hub in London Ontario – VOTE TODAY, and everyday until June 30th

The Pepsi Community Innovation Hub at SYN London will be a destination and gathering space for synergy, collaboration and innovation, across sectors and cultures. It will provide much needed access to technology, resources, meeting space, and networking and partnership opportunities across the diverse populations represented by our partnership -- arts, culture, heritage; nonprofit and social enterprise; downtown innovators and investors; new Canadians and youth of all backgrounds. In addition to providing access to resources typically out of reach for these demographics, it will encourage these audiences to create efficiencies and partnerships across sectors.

Key deliverables:
·         state-of-the-art meeting space for collaboration and innovative projects;
·         10 new collaborative programs per year focusing on cultural education, civic engagement, entrepreneurism, sustainable practices, social innovation;
·         space accessed by a min of 10,000 diverse Londoners per year.

Community Benefit
Access to much-needed technology resources and meeting space; -Access to professional development programs and networking opportunities; -Creation of inclusive culture, respect for diversity and partnership development across sectors and demographics; -Creation of efficiencies among nonprofits, social innovators and cultural groups with scarce resources; -Creation of an exciting, dynamic and inspiring state-of-the-art space; -Model best practices for future similar collaboration spaces across Canada.

  • To provide inclusive, state-of-the-art collaboration space.
  • To create a dynamic community hub for a diversity of Londoners.
  • To provide meeting space cultural groups, entrepreneurs, artists.
  • To be a gathering place for entrepreneurs and social innovators.
  • To restore two decaying downtown properties, one an historical site.

How will the $100K be used?
·         $ 50,000 Technology including projectors, smart boards, lcd's, wireless access
·         $ 30,000 Renovation of physical space
·         $ 20,000 Furniture and other equipment
Budget Notes: The budget will not cover any administrative costs to manage the space, i.e. salaries. The renovations will take place as part of a larger project to revitalize two downtown properties, one a former historic theatre.

About Emerging Leaders & Partners
Emerging Leaders, Downtown London, London Arts Council, London Heritage Council and Pillar Nonprofit Network are working together to create SYN London, an innovative and inclusive community hub for a diversity of Londoners including entrepreneurs, artists, social innovators, and cultural groups.

If you are a nonprofit leader, social entrepreneur or local business and are interested in more information about social enterprise please contact me.