Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Next Social Enterprise Exchange - SOAP BOX SERIES BEGINS....Promote your social enterprise!

Hello Social Enterprisers!

On August 17th beginning at 7:30am, we will be gathering at My Sister’s Place 566 Dundas Street for the first Social Enterprise Exchange Soapbox of 2011. [“How to Soapbox” description below.] Join us for an enjoyable, insightful, and fun morning of Soapboxing! 

Bring your business cards to connect with each other and begin collaborating on new innovative projects around the city!

7:30 – coffee and muffins/fruit
7:45 - Soapbox begins (3 presentations)

8:30 - Summary discussion and wrap-up

8:45 - Closing, and networking until 9:00

Cost: $5.00 to help us cover our costs.

How to 'Soapbox':

- Each Soapbox presenter will have a maximum of 5 minutes to present/describe a single social enterprise idea/challenge/etc. to the group

- A specific and succinctly articulated challenge will receive more specific and helpful feedback
- Fellow social enterprisers will then have 10 minutes to offer feedback, potential solutions, connections and expertise
- After presentations
there will be a general summary discussion and wrap-up

Want to be a Soapbox presenter and receive free advice about a social enterprise challenge that your organization is facing? 

The first 3 members to email me with a 1-3 sentence description of their marketing challenge will be selected.

Social Enterprise Exchange: Day of Discussion

On July 20th we had our most recent SEE event at My Sister's Place. Here are the notes that came out of the event. In the next post I will share what our next steps are with a call for presenters!

Discussion Notes: 

What do we need to do before making a business plan/model?
·         clients (people you serve) who can tell you what you need to do
·         anonymous survey
·         clients can point out gaps and opportunities in the gaps
·         internal organization and external community - attitudinal change
·         when we hear clients complain see it as a gap
·         the challenge is getting awareness about social enterprise into the community
·         co-creation between all members/stakeholders of your organization – not top down design
·         have your eyes open for where there isn’t a service and come up with ideas to fill that gap

Soap Box: Over 55 Housing Concept
The idea is to facilitate matching older female home owners with single female seniors who currently rent. This idea would improve their financial situations; reduce social isolation, increase safety and health. There is currently a 2 year waiting list for seniors housing. They would need a mind shift from living on own to sharing. Fact: 75% of the population who is over 65 are women.