Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Next Social Enterprise Exchange - SOAP BOX SERIES BEGINS....Promote your social enterprise!

Hello Social Enterprisers!

On August 17th beginning at 7:30am, we will be gathering at My Sister’s Place 566 Dundas Street for the first Social Enterprise Exchange Soapbox of 2011. [“How to Soapbox” description below.] Join us for an enjoyable, insightful, and fun morning of Soapboxing! 

Bring your business cards to connect with each other and begin collaborating on new innovative projects around the city!

7:30 – coffee and muffins/fruit
7:45 - Soapbox begins (3 presentations)

8:30 - Summary discussion and wrap-up

8:45 - Closing, and networking until 9:00

Cost: $5.00 to help us cover our costs.

How to 'Soapbox':

- Each Soapbox presenter will have a maximum of 5 minutes to present/describe a single social enterprise idea/challenge/etc. to the group

- A specific and succinctly articulated challenge will receive more specific and helpful feedback
- Fellow social enterprisers will then have 10 minutes to offer feedback, potential solutions, connections and expertise
- After presentations
there will be a general summary discussion and wrap-up

Want to be a Soapbox presenter and receive free advice about a social enterprise challenge that your organization is facing? 

The first 3 members to email me with a 1-3 sentence description of their marketing challenge will be selected.