Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Next Social Enterprise Exchange August 17th at 7:30am

We're hoping you can join us on August 17th from 7:30-9am at My Sister’s Place 566 Dundas Street.
The idea of working as a community to create ideas and support social enterprises as they start up is one in which all members have expressed an interest.

This process is not only helpful for the speakers but the discussion often times allows all of us to learn about our own organizations and how we can improve and innovate.

Here is what Carol said about the last meeting when she shared about her social enterprise idea:
"Having the opportunity to share a fledgling idea in a safe environment where supportive peers expressed their excitement over the concept, asked penetrating questions and offered honest critiques helped me begin to explore some new facets about home share, and solidified my determination to transform the concept into a reality." (Carol Burns, Over 55)

We have three speakers booked who would like to experience the same thing Carol did, so we need your participation to help them succeed.
  1. Titus Ferguson from UnLondon - UnLondon is a brand new registered Non Profit organization set up to challenge and embrace new ideas related to new technologies and social platforms through the education and entertainment of the membership and the community-at-large. The purpose of UnLondon is to make change in and around the city from outside the normal confines of change making, using UNconventional methods.
  2. Ann Marie Ricketts from S.W.I.M. - S.W.I.M is a non profit organization that offers hope, support, and guidance in order to achieve a safe and secure future for single mothers and their families. The need support to package life skill life coaching program and the golden connection program to sell it to other community organizations all over the world. Also we would like to be able to create a fee for service program for our currently free services.
  3. Donnie Claudino from Art for Aids International - Art for AIDS International is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds and awareness for those most affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. By engaging students through art and HIV/AIDS awareness workshops, Art for AIDS International works to foster a perspective of hope and passion for tomorrow's leaders while providing direct support to grassroots organizations across sub-Saharan Africa.

We are hoping you'll join us. Remember that SEE is a monthly networking group and as a community we can each take turns bringing ideas to the group and help each other. Let me know if you want to be included as a speaker for September. You don't have to be a start up, you may have a program or SE that is needing ideas or support, or maybe you have a success story you could share that we could learn from.

The format is as follows:

7:30 - coffee/muffins
7:45 - soapbox begins (3 speakers each getting 5min, group 10 min discussion)
8:30 - summary discussion and wrap-up
8:45 - closing & networking

Cost: $5.00 to help us cover our costs.

Take care,

Chris Moss

Social Enterprise Program Manager
Pillar Nonprofit Network
T: 519-433-7876  F: 519-435-0227
251 Dundas St., (Central Library, 2nd Floor)   
London, ON  N6A 6H9

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