**If you notice anything that might be missing from this list, please contact me and I'd be happy to add it. Thanks. 

What is Social Enterprise:

Organizational Readiness & Feasibility:

Business Planning:

Creative Enterprise Planning Sites:

  • - Opens the world of human potential by engaging with initiatives and projects that unleash passion
  • SoJo - Turn your ideas into action

Start Up:

  • City of London - Business Licences and Permits  - Whether you're looking to start a new business or renew existing permits and licences, use this easy online process to find everything you need.
  • Social Capital Partners -  SCP believes that market forces can be utilized more effectively to solve structural social challenges in Canada. In support of this belief, SCP facilitates growth financing and provides advisory services to businesses that integrate a community hiring model into their HR strategy to expand career opportunities for motivated individuals outside the economic mainstream.
  • The Start-up Toolkit - Based on "Business Model Generation" - This site uses tools & frameworks to help you think about start-ups in new & creative ways.  
  • Creating a nonprofit or a charity

Business Sector Relationships:



Social Finance:
  • - Investing for Impact - Our mission is to catalyze and sustain a robust social finance marketplace in Canada.
  • Social Venture Partners (Toronto) - The vision of SVP Toronto is to make a positive change in the lives of people in our community. We will accomplish this vision by creating networks of inspired philanthropists who engage with nonprofits in long-term partnerships.





  • Project Wildfire - Online Incubator (Toronto) - Project Wildfire is a youth business incubator to help spark and support business ideas that will support communities and individuals across Toronto.

Supports: Outside of London:

  • SEED: Social Enterprise for Economic Development (Hamilton) - SEED is a collaboration of community partners in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada seeking to promote social enterprise and micro-credit as innovative approaches to job creation and community economic development. SEED works with individuals, enterprises, organizations and commercial business, to make social enterprise take root and flourish in our community.
  • Ottawa Social Enterprise Examples

Social Innovation:

  • SiG: Social Innovation Generation - Social Innovation Generation (SiG) seeks to address Canada’s social and ecological challenges by creating a culture of continuous social innovation. Our focus will be on social innovation that has the potential for impact, durability and scale.
  • Social Spark - a non-profit that aims to create change by cultivating a socially conscious and entrepreneurial spirit in youth.